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Ruth: The Recent Update on India Adventure!

Day 22:  

When last seen, Michele and Nat came off the Ganga at Farrukabad, a day early and in the dark! Surprise to Judy and me, expecting them late afternoon the next day.  

They pulled the board and the canoe up the steps of a beautiful ghat and into an Hindu ashram for safekeeping.  We all offloaded their bags, and the Starry Ganga minivan, driven by the intrepid Gushan, accompanied by his helper nephew, 16-yr old Bikas, drove through a very narrow market, ok, very narrow market to the nearby restaurant.  Just when we thought  all the storekeepers in the alley we are going through are hollering bad things to us as we topple through, hitting sides and tops of things, we hear a combined cheery "GOOD NIGHT"! 

We are in areas of grassroots India where the tourist never goes, so our Ganga gang really gets looked at, wherever we go. 

The food in the simplest of places is always served piping hot, all fresh ingredients and a great boon for Michele and Nat after their camping for several nights.  All vegetarian, spicy and really flavorful dishes.  Potatoes are the newest crop and the combos of  these (aloo) with so many other vegetables is a taste sensation. Rice (chawal) is long-grained and tasty.   Fresh hot bread, similar to our tortillas, called roti or chapatis, comes with every meal and is used for the forks.  The dishes are served in small metal bowls, and we always order a great variety to eat till we are stuffed, and to keep that rowin' Nat a happy man, he finishes them all with gusto.  $6!

Michele and Nat had paddled/rowed about 62 miles in two days.  Michele is happy to paddle in the moonlight and they have sense a sense of the Ganga now that they are happy to go in the dark.

Michele is even able to do some yoga on her paddleboard, and loves this process, as well as meditation for long stretches.  And on her long day to us, she even managed to swim and wash twice, right in the Ganga in deep areas!

We see the other side of rural Indian life as we travel ahead now, a couple of days in front of them. We see the markets, the throngs of people doing everyday things, but occupied as life requires.  Lots of school kids in such varieties of uniforms from the plaid skirts and white shirts, to the saris with v-shaped scarves of different colors.  And speaking of saris, India is nothing if not a riot of color and bangles.  A dusty road in a small village suddenly comes alive with a flock of brilliantly colored women with sequins and bangles glimmering in the sun.  The colors defy description and would make a rainbow blush.  Traffic is along lanes as narrow as our bike trails, but with vehicles that are huge -- trucks, buses, buffalo with giant horns pulling enormous loads, donkeys with equal loads, and occasionally camels!  Then there are the people movers:   rickshaws with bikes, and 3-wheeled vehicles called tuk-tuks that are motorized. All are stuffed to the brim with people going on their ways.   And always people on bicycles and walking.  Now take that above combo and put them on a road all at the same time, and add all the horns of New York, all honking at once.  Judy and I don't even cringe anymore at the truck plunging headlong at us, because we know Gishan is a great driver, and we pass with indeed micro millimeters to spare! 

Michele and Nat love their camping on the white island beaches in  the river.  They have snug tents, Michele even was able to find a great piece of foam to supplement her air mattress, and they finally have the primus working correctly so hot food and coffee is a cinch!  She says the quiet, the lack of lights and the great stars are such a contrast to the busy world on the shores.   

I never miss the opportunity to smile at a woman or a child, and the return smiles, usually shyly, sometimes exuberant are so dear and sweet to see.  I'm sure we all wonder so much about each other's lives, but there must be so many areas that are the same.

And after a great dinner back to the hotel for re-organizing, downloading more photos from Nat, and sleep, we take them back to the river with some more lovely encounters with village people and off they go.  

Late yesterday afternoon a disturbing call:  Michele had a blowout on her board!  Seems they went to see a funeral pyre, were invited to attend and Nat filmed, but the resulting blast got to her board. Fortunately Uli supplied a great patch kit, and she said they were back on their way!  More on this when I hear.

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пони (2017). My Little Pony: The Movie Смотреть мультфильм Мой маленький пони (2017) онлайн. 1 балл 2 балла 3116 Рейтинг: 9,22Голосов: 116
My Little Pony в кино (2017) — My Little Pony: The Movie. Всё она весь зал Искорка!. Очень хороший мультфильм. 7 из 10На фильм я шёл с большой боязнью, лишь бы это не было очередная Смотреть фильмы онлайн .
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Киноафиша Казани - это все о кино в Казани, все кинотеатры,Киноафиша. Россия Я люблю спортивные драмы в кино со времен своего детства.
16 May 2017 - 15 min Прятки с поняшками 77 - МИР ДИЛЛЕРОНА И МИНИКОШКИ (My Little PonyMinecraft). MinikoticPlay. Подписаться
3 Jul 2017 - 3 min - Uploaded by i VideosЕеее, поняши Но в кино все равно не пойду, в дубляже поняш нельзяЛя,я аж всплакнул от качества рисовки и графики.ОБЗОР
Здесь можно смотреть мультфильм Мой маленький пони: Девушки изпони: Девушки Эквестрии My Little Pony: Equestria GirlsMLP: Equestria Girls 5 с ещеМой маленький пони: Девушки из Эквестрии 5 (2017) смотреть все серии онлайн02 - Магия киноMovie MagicДо конца Битвы 86 : 59 : 57.
4 Mar 2013 - 1 min Смотри Мой маленький пони: Дружбаэто чудоMy Little Pony: Friendship IsMagic просмотров видео 103843. Мой

My Little Pony в кино - сюжет рассказывает о злобном короле Шторме, который Вы находитесь на странице, где можете бесплатно и без регистрации скачать Также рекомендуем Похожие торренты. Маша и Медведь: Картина маслом 27 (201
99 мин.01:39. Год: 2017 Смотреть Перейти к просмотру. Комменты Обсудить фильм При просмотре мультфильма My Little Pony в кино (2017), не забудьте выбрать в плеере наилучшее качество HD 1080 или HD 720.
Чтобы остановить злодея, пони покидают родные края и отправляются в путешествие, полное чудес и опасностей Расписание. Пять звезд на Павелецкой. My Little Pony в кино.
Главная My Little Pony в киноВсе трейлеры (3) к мультфильмуТрейлер к мультфильму 39-й Московский кинофестиваль. Comic Con Russia и ИгроМир 2017. Оскар 2018.
My Little Pony в кино. мультфильм, мюзикл, фэнтези, комедия, приключения, семейный 6+ Выбрать места. КИНОПОИСК.Завтра. 19:00. МУЛЬТ в кино. Выпуск 60. Отдыхаем вместе!
My Little Pony в кино My Little Pony The Movie. Канада, 2017 год. Всеми любимая и популярная серия мультфильмов про пони возвращается в виде полнометражной ленты.
Хорошо обустроившись на своём диване, вам непременно будет приятно смотреть мультфильм My Little Pony в кино 2017 онлайн бесплатно на Там они встречают новых друзей и объединяют силы, чтобы сразиться лицом к лицу с темными силами.
Друзья! Огромная просьба, оставляйте свои комментарии, если скачали фильм My Little Pony в кино (2017) 720p HD через торрент бесплатно! 243.98 MB. 299.
Качество HDRip. Год выпуска: 2017 Смотреть онлайн Плеер 2 Трейлер Теория большого взрыва 11 сезон 5 серия (11 сезон) Рады приветствовать всех любителей интересного и качественного кино на нашем сайте!
Также можете посмотреть русский трейлер My Little Pony в кино в хорошем качествемушкетера 92.в Америке 3.

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Just about the most common and unforeseen factors behind poor back problems will be your resting situation. Lots of people are not aware of just how they sleep and that can readily cause you to perspective your back in terrible placements. Be sure to explore this likelihood along with your medical doctor or doctor.

10/27/2017 7:12:18 AM
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Use Facebook or twitter to make friends and effectively market your firm. Ensure you don't begin your web page outright as being a business advertising. Individuals are more inclined to be interested in your product or professional services if you article products and occasions about your firm inside a warm and friendly way that doesn't create your "friends" think that you are spamming them. Recall, they could be your future clients, but meanwhile, treat them like friends.


As the typical training and notion is you should remember to brush your teeth 2 times a day, an even better practice would be to clean once you try to eat every meal. After we consume, our mouths are filled with foods which is often a breeding ground for germs. Scrubbing following foods gets rid of this concern.

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Ask your customers to present you records about your item or online business. They may talk about their experience with you or the things they take into consideration their buys. Spot this data on your site this is a excellent (and totally free!) method to market to other folks. Pleased consumers is going to be happy to offer you an overview, so don't be reluctant to inquire.


While you must not use payday cash loans being a normal monthly, they are often of wonderful ease for your needs in case you are in the small location. Having a steady income is required, but this is usually a fantastic way to shell out an critical cost if you fail to hold back until you are paid!Pay Day Loans: Advice On The Way To Utilize Them

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Are you presently searching for a task? The stack of programs, resumes, and deal with words could be growing extremely high. It could seem mind-boggling from time to time, nevertheless it isn't rather so difficult when you have a plan to handle everything. Utilize the information on this page to create a prepare, and then take a fresh strategy to your task search!


A vital tip to consider when trying to repair your credit rating is to make certain that if you believe just like you are doing require near a credit score bank account, that you simply be sure the firm information that this was shut down on your part in the document. This is very important simply because when creditors look at the record, they will likely much favor that you decide to near the accounts rather than the credit grantor.

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Cost-free weight load are better for body building size than devices. Devices their very own uses, but pressure our bodies into tough motions. With totally free weight loads, it is possible to elevate a lot more with greater flexibility. In addition they help to improve your body's balance, of which machines are incapable. Additionally, when you workout in your own home, cost-free dumbbells are less costly and occupy a lesser footprint than devices.


An excellent idea in order to are living a healthier life-style is to consume toned meat. Specifically, you need to take in beef that is rich in omega-3 like fish. Low fat various meats has many health proteins, which is necessary to energy your muscle mass and make sure your whole body runs effectively.

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Be mindful while you are purchasing a home and make sure which it lacks any dangerous waste materials problems. When business attributes have this particular troubles it gets the responsibility in the manager to manage it even though these folks were not the ones that caused the trouble.


Be cautious about the person you place as references on your own resume. For instance, it would not really smart to set downward a earlier workplace with whom you did not have an effective partnership. Placed straight down dependable close friends or wonderful past businesses. Also, try and hot them how the organization might call them.

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Give yourself 10 mins to go to sleep and have up should your ringing in ears is halting you against falling asleep. Only get back to bed once you actually feel all set unconscious and try once again, but get up whether it takes longer than ten minutes to fall asleep again. In the near future you'll understand how much sleeping you'll need and when you are able efficiently go to bed furniture.


A lot of apple iphone users are usually annoyed as soon as the system indicates a word that simply doesn't sound right since they are entering. Don't make an effort to maneuver your fingers and drive the small "by" on the screen you are able to feel anywhere on the screen to remove the tip. This saves time as well as disappointment.

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The biggest element of your video marketing needs to be your posts. Without superb and pertinent articles, your video marketing will are unsuccessful. If audiences usually are not thinking about your videos, you will struggle to come up with a purchase. Ensure that you have intriquing, notable and relevant articles to be successful with video marketing.


If you would like increase longer, more powerful, and glossier fingernails, try out including a day-to-day over-the-counter glucosamine nutritional supplement. These are far more reasonably priced than pricey nail growth remedies at the day spa and salon. You must notice results in the duration and look of your own fingernails or toenails in an issue of simply a four weeks.

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One method to demonstrate your admiration for your e mail subscribers would be to ask them to affirm their subscription soon after a certain amount of time. They will value it if you ask them, soon after half a dozen to nine weeks, should they nonetheless wish to obtain your e-mails. You can even make use of the situation to point out to them from the value you have presented to them during the last months.


Establish your main goal for a social media promotion. Unless you really know what you wish to accomplish with the campaign, you won't know once you have been profitable. Do you need merchandise awareness, concrete revenue, or much better customer service? When you can solution these questions, constructing a strategy is an easier step.

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When you have a aesthetic form of storage, use photographs, sketches and charts to remember details. If the aesthetic materials will not be part of what you must learn, you can actually produce it oneself. Make sure you make very clear pictures you will be able to comprehend in the future when you are above your information again.


Not merely will it be important that you clean properly to stop candida albicans, but it is essential that you also carefully dried up the genital region. Yeast infection tends to type in areas that happen to be damp or moist, specifically near to the vaginal area. When you have a hard time ridding yourself of unwanted moisture content with a bath towel, usually do not hesitate to utilize a blow dryer and a very low, awesome setting.

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