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Ruth: The Agra Adventure
Hi all:  

sorry for the massness of this message but we are in the last throes of having internet connections as we return shortly to the Ganga.
Michele  was interviewed by all the local papers in Agra and she and Dr. Shobha Krishnan (head of GIAHC) had a lengthy interview yesterday here in the hotel.  And photographed.  In the lobby.   See the above link, but the photo on the water is Judy's picture!  
And this is the 5star hotel which refused any attempt we requested for a press conference room.  
So how the heck did we get articles in at least 5 newspapers in Agra?  And a wonderful still photographer from Agra ...?    And interviews in the lobby?  
Simply serendipity.  Judy and I walked wearily into one of the shops connected to the hotel, frustrated because of being blocked by the hotel to gather the press, and equally frustrated that the press wasn't returning our calls, except sporadically, and they, being vague about coming to Agra from Delhi.  An older man asked the usual "why are you here?" thinking we were conference go-ers, and we said just a few words about Michele to him, and soon the big boss came back and heard our bigger story and said "the vaccine is vital!  All children should have it."  And he began the amazing process of calling his friends, the husband/wife team who run a great women's hospital, Dr. and Dr. Malhotra to meet Michele.  And Dr. Malhotra said "do you want press there?   He brought his assembled staff, press, Judy's great sliding Ipad presentation, bilingual translating galore, and oh yes, Dr. Malhotra left us at one point to go deliver a baby.  A girl!  
Then with all the Hindi press coverage on Saturday, the calls arrived for more interviews, and a photographer called and volunteered to film Michele at the Taj Mahal where security is very tight.  Michele was certain she could get her board on the Yamuna River.
We went, took the board to the the ever so filthy river, and there were 20 guards, bivouacked, with guns.  The photograher pleaded our case, we showed them the Hindi article, it was passed from guard to guard with the most sincere looks at Michele, but the answer was still no.  So she plopped the board up on a wall, jumped up on it in her beautiful new  saffron colored shawalcameez and we waited for good sunset light.  
Not to be outfoxed, however, smart Michele had our crew move upriver from the Taj, shechanged clothes,  took her great board and put it out on the Yamuna river.
Sorry to say the river is basically a cesspool, she couldn't get terribly near the Taj to be photographed,  dear Nat was running along beside her, and the light grew dim.  But she did it.  
So incredible acts of kindness came our way from total strangers responding to the story of Michele and what she is doing.  And people came forward to help.  And find solutions when, on occasion, we get stopped  
I will not forget the looks on the faces of the guards as they read her story, nor on the faces of all the female staff here at the hotel when they translated the first Hindi article for me which said in its headline:  
Michele Baldwin has come across 7 rivers from far away to be in the lap of Ganga. 

 Sorry for the lengthiness of this one, but we are desperate at the end for the joy of the internet and we'll be losing this quickly!

Hugs to all! 
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